Top 3 Most Commonly Seen Cataracts And How To Protect Yourself From Them

Acquired cataracts is a form of progressive ocular disease. Complications include blindness (typically preventable blindness) & secondary glaucoma in some cases if not treated. Risk factors for acquired cataract: Ageing in the primary risk factor Ocular diseases (E.g., Chronic uveitis) Systemic diseases (E.g., Diabetes mellitus) Congenital anomalies (E.g., Marfan syndrome) Drugs (E.g., Corticosteroids) Eye Trauma […]

Sysytemic Desease That Affects The Eyes – Diabetes

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is characterised by high blood glucose level due to defects in insulin secretion and/or action; also known as a disorder of glucose metabolism. Diabetes can largely be classified as Type 1 (onset commonly in young adults), Type 2 (onset commonly in middle age or elderly group), gestational diabetes and secondary diabetes […]